• Motivational quote of the week

    Motivational quote of the week

    “The only bad workout is the one you DON’T do.” The Genetics Gym/OTC Staff

  • Thought for Today

    Thought for Today

    My Greatest Teacher Sometimes we have things happen to us which build us up and sometimes things break us down ….when we can look at all of these things from the perspective of What is the lesson in this we truly find our greatest learnings…. look and you shall find.. Genetics Gym Mission Statement Genetics

  • Buck Stowers – Founder

    Buck Stowers was once one of New Zealand’s strongest men, but when it comes to strength of heart, mind and character, the 50-year-old father-of-six surely still is. A decade ago, Buck created the Big Boys, Big Girls programme aimed at reducing obesity, which he runs from his Manukau Genetics Gym. “I’ve trained Warriors, All Blacks,