• Off The Couch (OTC) Mobile Truck …..

    Off The Couch (OTC) Mobile Truck …..

    This is shout-out to all the people that need help out there. In the past we used to go out to people’s houses and we used to visit those who need help and we used to run big boys and big girls out on the side of the road. And that’s exactly what this program is all about. It’s about support, it’s about whanau, it’s about bringing the love. We have a TRUCK, and we were wondering if there are any people/companies/institutions out there in Auckland, that needed a hand. Would you be able to hit me back and give me your details and let me know if you need the truck to come to your house, work or place, to bring training to your doorstep to help motivate you and your family and friends? We want to bring the love, as that’s what we’re all about. Bear in mind we can only travel so far, Auckland, NZ at present.

    Our Mobile Genetics Gym OTC Truck
    Buck Stowers

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