• Christmas, a time for families

    Bucks Tip for “Emotional change”

    When things and people are getting you down and you believe that everyone is against you or things are not working your way  ……

    1. What emotions am I feeling at this current time? name the emotion. is it sadness anger, happiness, frustration? etc.
    2.  what score could I rate this emotion from a 1 to 100. think about this clearly and give your emotion a true score
    3. Ask yourself, could there be another way I could look at this differently. Give myself 3 ways that I could look at this situation differently, give 3 possibilities that could be? and look at it from another perspective or from someone else’s perspective. imagine yourself viewing it from a different angle or from the opposite view that you currently are viewing it from
    4. Now that you have viewed it from a different angle or a different perspective… What emotions are now present? has the emotion changed? if it has then what is the emotion now?
    5. Rate the new emotion that you feel from 1 to 100?
    6. Is there a difference? Do you feel better?
    7. Many time we get stuck thinking of things from our own perspective and we stick to our guns whether we are right or wrong because we fail to look at it from a different view. When we look at it from only our view and we are upset and frustrated but it doesn’t have to be that way. Once we have viewed it differently then our emotions change and when our emotions change we change with it!
    8. I hope this helps you to have a happier and more enjoyable lead up to Christmas.

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