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Genetics Gym Mission Statement

Genetics Gyms mission is to help all people, to see repair inside family homes physically, spiritually and mentally. Repairing health, returning life.



Genetics Gym is the South Auckland Venue for Off the Couch Big Boys and Big Girls Program - a highly successful program (supported by Procare Health Providers) combating obesity and weight and illness.

You can view more infomation on OTC Big Boys and Big Girls at


Buck Stowers

Personal trainer/owner

Buck has worked in the fitness industry for the past 25 years 

He began a journey with a vision to bring affordable, quality health and fitness to the everyday person- making them aware that every man and woman has the right to be a superman or superwoman. 

Genetics Gym started in 2004 in an old building located in Airport Oaks Auckland. The  warehouse was once an old freezer, where buck personal trained a whole company of 27 people.

In November 2005 he bought Clive Green Manukau and changed its name to Genetics Gym. Bucks passion is contagious, and his knowledge in the fitness industry is endless. His motivation and skills of taking health to a new and exciting level while infecting lives for the good has been noted in testimonies and in the work he does inside and outside the gym. Buck is committed to family existence and “leading by example”.

Buck runs health awareness seminars for all  groups , full day or 2 hour sessions.

Bucks saying is,” Where the mind Goes the body follows”

An X and a Y chromosome equals an individual being, A “Genetic” Being.











Genetics Gym

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